About Us

David W. Brown Founder and Owner

David W. Brown

Founder and Owner

David Brown possesses over 20 years of experience in carpentry and construction. He brings to Lodestar Rollout Shelving the skills, craftsmanship, and passion for helping others he has developed over the course of two decades. Though born and raised in Richmond, VA, David has strong ties and a deep connection to North Carolina. He comes from several generations of NC farmers and craftsmen, who have instilled in him good old-fashioned values that have become a rarity in today’s world. David’s parents and grandparents taught David the value of hard work, being a man of his word, treating people with courtesy and respect, and doing things the right way – every time.

Our recent projects include kitchen and pantry organization projects like: Under cabinet storage/organizer, pull-out under kitchen cabinet organizer, pull-out spice rack, slide-out cabinet storage/organizers and more!

The Meaning of Lodestar

The term “lodestar” refers to a guiding star, historically known as the North Star, that has aided travelers in navigation for centuries. Beyond its navigational significance, the lodestar represents a source of inspiration and guidance.